Nepal Earthquake Disaster

Dear fellow Lions

Much has happened since we first learnt of the earthquake in Nepal. Our understanding of the scale of the

disaster is continuing to grow, and as Lions we are anxious to respond speedily and effectively.

At last year’s Multiple District Convention your Council was charged with developing a disaster response

programme, specifically related to emergency water supplies.

Council has agreed and intended to announce at the forthcoming Multiple District Convention the following


a) Water purification tablets which are each capable of purifying 10 litres of water

b) Life saver water filtration units enables users to process 15,000 litres of clean sterile drinking water.

Council believes this approach should be adopted in responding to the Disaster in Nepal, taking into account

the direct request from Past International President Lion Barry Palmer on behalf of LCIF for water treatment


The Multiple District is therefore launching an appeal for donations to the Multiple District International

Disaster Fund.

In order to provide an immediate response, Council have sanctioned the use of existing funds to obtain the


a) 56 cartons each containing 16,000 tablets capable of purifying 9 million litres of water

b) 280 Lifesaver water filtration units capable of treating 4.2 million litres of contaminated water.

These items are due to be airfreighted to Nepal on Friday, 1st May.

The appeal is to build funds to purchase further supplies and restore the Multiple District International Disaster

Funds ready to respond to future emergencies.

A poster in a pdf format has been provided for your assistance with this appeal.

Donations should be sent to District Treasurers made payable to the Multiple District International Disaster

Fund endorsed on the back with ‘Nepal Water Appeal’ or directly to the Multiple District Charities Treasurer,

Lion Tom Berry.

Donations made by members of the public or Lions can made online via

Yours in Lionism

Lion Michael Phillips

Chair of Council



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