North Sea Lions 105M Zone C meeting 22/6

35 YEARS LOGODid my first presentation at the 105M Zone C meeting. Quite a good attendance, about 20 people from 5 clubs. A very forgiving public too. Listening to the questions and remarks the following became clear what people do not know about NSL.
1. It is not a club. It are 11 Districts in England, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark that work together.
2. It is not the whole of 105. Only District M and E
3. It is not just anything we support. We support projects in the developing world and work with the local Lions club to manage the project together.
4. We are not dictated what we do. Any club in the NSL family can suggest a project.
Clubs in 105M, not all of you have supported NSL this year. Please use the last week to send a cheque!


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