Rugby Rokeby Lions sponsors new trophy in memory of Lion Geoff Thompson

rugbyWhen Rugby Rokeby Lions heard that a new trophy was needed for the District ‘Young Ambassador of the Year’ competition, they decided that this was an ideal opportunity to create a legacy to the memory of Lion Geoff Thompson, who was a stalwart to District Lionism over many years.

After many years of dedicated service to the District and Rugby Rokeby, Geoff died in December 2011 and at his funeral, a retiring collection was taken, the proceeds of which were over £1000. These were very generously donated to Rugby Rokeby Lions in Geoff’s memory, by his widow Jean, with a specific request that they be used for Youth projects as they were one of Lion Geoff’s passion.

In line with this request, the Club set up the Lion Geoff Thompson Memorial Fund which to date has funded various Youth related activities including providing a £100 bursary for the winner of the ‘Rugby Young Sports Volunteer of the Year’.

It therefore seemed fitting that Lion Geoff’s memory should live on through the auspices of a new trophy for the winner of the District 105M “Young Ambassador of the Year” competition, together with replica keepsake miniatures for the winners.

We’re sure Geoff would have liked that.


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