Corner of the Competitions Officer, Ken Barker

Continuing with our theme of highlighting one our competitions each month, in this edition we give you details of the Lions Photographic Competition.”

A Picture is worth a thousand words, Lions Photographic Competition 2015

The Lions Public Relations and Marketing Team are launching this year’s competition to enable Lions volunteers, clubs and districts from throughout the British Isles and Ireland to enter good quality images. The outstanding images of Lions clubs activities from the last competition have been shown in the ‘Lions in your Community’ Report, mini movie created for the Lions European Forum. Images have helped to create theLions online photo library to positively promote who we are and what we do within the communities we serve and with media and partnering organisations. The previous winning entry was featured in the Lions Clubs International Magazine.

Lions volunteers, clubs and districts can submit 3 images that are required to fall into one or more of the following categories:

REPORTAGE – telling a story about a Lions event, project, programme or activity

FUN – showing the enjoyment that Lions have in their local communities (selfie’s can be included here)

SERVICE – demonstrating the excellent work that Lions do in their local communities

SPIRIT – illustrating what Lions is all about

There will be a separate category for the following under the

above 4 categories:

Under 16’s

Professional photographers

Video clips up to 4 minutes long

Entries will be judged impartially by professionals. The judging criteria will include: originality, image quality, technical ability and composition, inclusion of the Lions logo and representation of the positive spirit of Lionism. We encourage creativity and imagination in identifying relevant images that capture the work of Lions in raising money, delivering services or projects, planning or undertaking activities and/or having fun.

Note: Please no cheque presentations or line-ups of individuals. We would like to see photographs that are in focus, interesting, engaging and provoke a response.

Closing date for submission of images from 2014-15 is 31st October 2015, with winning entries to be announced before Christmas.

Lions Photographic Competition 2015

If you have any further questions regarding the photographic competition, please contact

Lion Ken by email:

or refer to the following web link for more information

Rules and conditions:

  1. The competition is open to all Lions members, representing clubs in the British Isles and

Ireland only.

  1. Photographs taken by non-Lions or members of the public are not eligible unless full

permission has been transferred to the Lion who enters the image (as below).

  1. The selection of entries is entirely at the discretion of the judging panel and no

correspondence regarding its decision will be entered into.

  1. All submissions must be accompanied by the name of the Lion club member, club and

district and clarifying that copyright and permission of any featured individuals has been

obtained for Lions’ use. All photographs should have been taken responsibly and adhere to

legal requirements regarding taking of images in public places.

  1. Copyright of the chosen images will remain with the photographer/entrant (as applicable),

who, by entering this competition agrees to Lions using the images for exhibition, publication

and promotional use both online and in any suitable print medium.

  1. Only online entries may be submitted, using high resolution digital format. Prints or entries

via email or disc are not permitted.

  1. All entries are required to be submitted utilising one of the free online transferring systems or No charge will be made. Up to 2GB of

photos can be transferred at any one time. Please send your photographs to

  1. There is no cost to enter images, but all production and incidental costs involved in submitting

are the responsibility of the entrant.

  1. Images submitted should be no smaller than 800kb and no larger than 5MB, and saved as

either JPEG or TIFF files, in RGB colour mode.

10.All images must be available in high resolution suitable for printing in Public Relations and

Marketing materials.

  1. Images should have been taken between 1 January 2014 to 31 October 2015 for

consideration and be submitted online.

12.Entries should clearly state if images have been scanned from prints or film negatives into a

digital file. It is acceptable for images to have been enhanced using digital software, for

example to remove blemishes or to improve colour or composition.

13.Entrants should retain a copy of any submitted photographs with Lions Clubs assuming no

responsibility should the original images be lost by the photographer/entrant.


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