Young Ambassador Competition 2015

Just a reminder to all Clubs in 105M that the annual Young Ambassador Competition will be held for those participating on Sunday 22nd November 2015 at St John’s Hotel Solihull.


For those Clubs that have contacted me to say they are actively looking for a candidate I thank you very much for your participation, for the one Club that has already got their candidate a fantastic well done for your support. For Clubs thinking about it…get in touch and I will be more than happy to support your efforts. 

This is an opportunity for Lions to celebrate the youth in their communities and the wonderful things they do, their enthusiasm for how they do it and their boundless energy in their undertakings.

I have recently had an email from a previous Young Ambassador (yes we do keep in touch) saying she had passed her A levels and was off to Birmingham University to study medicine, she commented that Lions and their support would always be uppermost in her thoughts and actions and hoped to continue links with us. She has already been in contact with another previous Young Ambassador District winner Lion Liam Barrett who has offered her help in settling into University life.  

These young people are Lion’s future…can your Club help find the next Young Ambassador?

The closing date for applications is Monday 9th November 2015,this is to enable preparations for the judges and myself to copy relevant information.

Thank you. 

Lion Cath Kendall

Young Ambassador District Officer

01604 762969


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