World Sight Day, Thursday 8th October

World Sight Day is rapidly approaching and I am hoping that this year more of 105M clubs will be involved. It gives clubs the opportunity to raise awareness of just how important SIGHT is to us, but we so easily TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. 

It can also raise awareness of your club in your community. Ideas for activities for World Sight Day are

  • Have an information table outside a local Optician and use it to distribute sight information leaflets, a used spectacle collection point and possibly direct people to go and book a sight test.
  • Arrange for a Public Announcement on your local radio station.
  • Ask your local newspaper to print encouragement to have an eye test and say what conditions could be revealed. Recently a young lady in our area was found to have a large brain tumour when examined by an Optician. She was only 19.
  • You could arrange for a local VIP to go for a walk in the town, blindfolded, but accompanied by a Lion. Invite the press along to cover the story.
  • Another idea is to have a display in the local library with leaflets encouraging sight tests, to be taken away by the public.
  • A display could be staged with the local “Talking Newspaper”. This might bring those with sight problems to the attention of the “Talking Newspaper” and enable them to catch up with local news.

Sight Test leaflets are available from MDHQ and LEHP leaflets can be ordered by going on the website then members area, then resources where you will find the links to order forms for LEHP leaflets.

Hopefully we will have more than last year’s 12.5% of 105M clubs being involved with World Sight Day

Linda Cross

Sight & LEHP Officer


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