Heart of England students are again using their artistic flair

bonfilre-planbHeart of England students are again using their artistic flair to create a masterpiece for the Balsall Common Lion’s annual firework and bonfire celebrations.

The Year 12 Art students are hard at work painting a huge, five panel mural which will provide a decorative frontispiece for the magnificent bonfire. Painted onto hardboard panels, fixed to a wooden frame the impressive piece is a talking point for visitors, especially when the fire gets going!

Based on the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out, the artwork depicts the emotions of joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. The story focuses on the neuropsychological theory that human emotions are mirrored in relationships and can be significantly moderated by them.

The students have taken over one studio to paint the panels and are very focussed on finishing.  Asked about how they felt about their art going up in smoke one student joked, “I trying not to think about it!”

The mural is set to be finished by the end of the week in preparation for installation by the Lion’s. “How long will it take? It will take too long for it to be set on fire.” said another student.

“It’s great for us to do this for the community. The students always enjoy doing this sort of project,” said Mr Jim McLarnon, Head of Art. “It’s very worthwhile and good fun for the students.”

The Grand Charity Fireworks Display & Bonfire is on Saturday 7th November


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