Malvern Hills Lions Club presents new “Joker” trophy.

The president of Malvern Hills Lions Club Dave Jeavons, his wife Heather who is also a member of the club, along with Geoff Lewis and Roger Orgill also members of the club, and who assisted Heather in organising and running the club’s annual “It’s a Knock Out” competition. Recently visited the Cherry Orchards Social Education Centre, Worcester, to present the winning “Joker” trophy to the group that attend the centre and took part in the event which took place in early November 2015, in the Avon Hall of the Three Counties Showground.

The event sees some of those that attend Social Education Centres in the area taking part in a day of friendly competition which is thoroughly enjoyed, not only by those from the centres, but also but those running the event. Each year there is a theme to event. The 2015 theme was “Musicals”. There is not only a trophy for the best “Joker” but also for the overall games winning team. There are also prizes for the winners of the poster competition which is judged on the day.

The reason for the delay in this presentation is down to the fact that the original trophy which was in the form of a shield was won in 2013 by a team from the Social Education Centre, Tewkesbury.

This centre has since been closed. The trophy was not returned when the centre closed and has not been able to be traced. As a result a new “Joker” trophy had to be acquired.

During the presentation, President Dave “said that he was sure that the group would be proud to give the trophy pride of place at the centre”.


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