From the International Committee Chairman

The Report below is from PCC Lion Rajinda Sembi whose Club in Kenya proposed this Project and he has been the Project Overseer on behalf of District 105M.

Yesterday 25th Feb 2016, I went to visit the project in Webuye, Bungoma County that you are funding. As your representative in Kenya I went around the project from where the water has been tapped from, up to the final destination, the church compound.

The water source is a distance from the final point, but I was impressed that the Bishop along the way has allowed the local community to tap off the main water line that has been installed. We went to Bukunjangabo S.A. Primary School, met with the Deputy Headmaster Chris Nyongesa, who was extremely grateful to the Lions of the UK for this great project that provides clean fresh water to the school which has over 800 pupils.

We went ahead to the site of where the green houses are to be set up in the next phase of the project, and already the water is piped to the site. Also along the way the community were complementing us on the way the water supply has changed their land. We estimate that till now this project has impacted over 3,000 villagers, who had to trek miles to get river water which is not really hygienic.

I did go through the accounts of the project with Bishop, and he is indeed keeping very good records of the expenditure. I will compile the final accounts once the full project has been implemented.

image002 IMG_8788 IMG_8829


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