Commissioning of District 105M Water & Green House Projects in Webuye Villages, on Saturday April 23, 2016.

IMG_3336 F with Kakamenga Lions   IMG_3304 Femi with crowd at Water commission IMG_3285 GRNH Femi & Kunmle at background IMG_3255 Water Commissioning @schoolWith the cooperation and project management of PCC Rajinder “Pape” Sembi of District 411 (comprising of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia & Seychelles), GLT Constitutional Area Leader for Africa and a prominent member of Kakamenga Lions Club, District 105M was able to source a Water and Green House project in Webuye District of Kenya, which will pump clean treated water from a reservoir some 5 kilometres distance, with a 5,000 gallon overhead Water storage tank, through hamlets and villages to a Green House that will enable widows and orphans of Webuye village, given allotments in the gigantic Green House, to carry out all year farming of vegetables and sell to surrounding communities.

Little did we envisage that this simple project of minimal cost, will end up benefiting more than 5,000 villagers through the tapping and supply of pipe borne water to primary and secondary schools along the route (one of the schools has 900 children), an orphanage, a church and local homes that can afford to pay for metre connection to their homes.

On completion of the project, the request of the administrators for a representative of our District to be present at the commissioning ceremony was too enticing that I got our District Governor’s permission as International committee Chairman to attend on behalf of the District at my own expense.

The result of my visit can best be described by the attached photographs of the event.

I thank the District Governor for giving me the permission to witness the commissioning of a project which is a pride to all the Clubs of 105M that contributed generously to make this very worthy project possible. Thank you all.

PDG Femi Onabolu

105M International committee chairman &

International relations officer 2010 to 2016


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