Godiva Lions Donate £5,001 To Action Bladder Cancer UK

Action Bladder CancerAmongst the many charities and organisation benefiting from donations made by the Club each year, the incoming President nominates the main charity in their year. Lion President Kulwinder’s chosen charity was presented the cheque on the Club’s Charter Night at Allesely Hotel in Coventry last month.

This charity has been very much close to her heart, as the family had experienced the loss of her father after being diagnosed with bladder cancer and she was determined to assist them with the support of the Club and her family.

According to the charity Action Bladder Cancer UK, “it is the 7th most common cancer in UK and the 4th most common for men. Over 10,700 people in the UK are diagnosed each year and about half of those diagnosed will die each year. Bladder Cancer has the highest recurrence rate of any known cancer – up to 80%. It can affect all ages, both men and women. Diagnosis can often be late, particularly in women.

Despite this, bladder cancer is the only top 10 cancer where rates of prognosis are getting worse. It is the most expensive cancer for NHS to treat (costing £65million annually) yet it only got 0.6% (in 2013-2014) of dedicated research funding”.

Dr Rik Bryan, senior research consultant, receiving the cheque on behalf of the Charity explained the work of the charity and its vision. The Chair of the Charity, Allen Knight said that “this donation will be a very welcome addition to support our work in providing information and resources for patients and health professionals, improving research into bladder cancer and improving outcomes for patients. It is much needed and we will put it to very good use”. The funds were raised over the past year by organising various fund raising and social events including a Food stall at Donkey Derby, 70’s disco night, New Year’s Eve

celebrations, Bollywood musical evening, Elvis tribute night, Beer festival and sponsored walk.

Other donations made on the Charter Night were to the Lord Mayor’s and Lady Godiva’s charities.


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