News from Lion Ken Barker, District Competitions Officer


It is now time to start this year’s District 105M Skittles competition. Each Zone Chairman is asked to arrange a competition between their clubs at whatever type of skittles their Zone has to offer. Participating Clubs are responsible for all costs involved with the event. A Zone winner should be found by November 30th. This club’s name should be forwarded to both the region Chairman and the District Competitions Officer by November 30th. Where a Zone does not have a Zone Chairman their region Chairman is requested to organise that Zone’s competition. Each Region Chairman is then asked to arrange a competition between their Zone winning clubs to produce a Regional winner by February 28th. Again the type of skittles should be determined by the competing clubs.


The theme for the 2016-2017 Peace Poster Contest is “A Celebration of Peace”. If your club has never entered this competition before why not sponsor a Peace Poster contest in your local community and encourage local boys and girls (ages 11 – 13) to celebrate peace through art. All the resources you need for organising and promoting your club’s contest are included in the Peace Poster Contest Kit.

Whilst the latest Newswire from Lions Clubs International advises that you can get the kits from Oak Brook I would remind everyone that it is easier to get them from our own MDHQ. The cost is just £11 which includes p & p.

Watch the Peace Poster video here:



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