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Eddie Stephenson, a volunteer from North Warwickshire First Responders accepting the cheque from Lion President Kulwinder accompanied by Godiva Lions Club members

At a recent Lions Handover ceremony held at Mancettar Memorial Hall in Atherstone, a cheque for £750 was presented to “North Warwickshire First Responders”, a voluntary service organisation providing emergency medical attention, carrying their essential kits on Bicycles.

“A cycle is able to

quickly gain access to areas that have a large number of people. Possible ideal situations include Party in the square, Dickens night, carnivals, etc. An ambulance would not be able to make such progress in areas with many pedestrians. A cycle can cut through narrow passages, to deliver urgent first aid”, said Eddie Stephenson acknowledging the cheque on behalf of North Warwickshire First Responders.

They have been using 2 single rear panniers on the bikes. The funds will enable them to purchase new larger panniers, which will allow them to carry and administer oxygen and entonox, rather than just a defibrillator.



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