Kenilworth Lions

The Club celebrated a number of key events and awards at its recent July meeting.

Firstly, we welcomed Bryn Morris as our 49th member, which we reckon makes the Club the 3rd largest in Great Britain. Kenilworth Lions Club will be coming up for its 50th Anniversary in a couple of years, but we hope to exceed the 50 members mark well before then!

Dennis Adcock, our Treasurer, received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award in recognition of his many years of dedicated service to the Club.

Finally, three of our members, Ted Curtis, Barrie Rodgers and Andy Cartwright, were presented with Lions Club International “Key” awards in recognition of their achievements in terms of recruiting new members over the last few years.

Bryn Morris with Club President Phil Inshaw and sponsor Andy Cartwright.
Dennis Adcock receives his Melvin Jones Fellowship Award from Phil Inshaw
Membership director Graham Pemberton (2nd left) with champion recruiters (left to right) Ted Curtis, Barrie Rodgers and Andy Cartwright.




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