Shirley Lions reaches out to Lions Friends

Shirley Lions Business MeetingThe 3/8 Business meeting was used this time to honour some “Friends of Lions”. People that help us out when we need extra hands. People that not necessarily want to be full members (at this stage), but have a Lion heart nevertheless. It was Graham and Alison’s turn this evening. Both helped out at Christmas sleigh collections, Carnival and the like and deserved their accolade. They received the framed “Friend of Lions” award, the new club pin and the President’s “Parmesan Knife”. This knife is a limited edition present, handed out on a “need to receive” basis. It is already a collector’s item and members are waiting full with tension to see who will get it next. Also welcomed at the meeting was Balsall Common President Dave Blakeman, who joined us to observe Shirley in action. It concluded with the coveted “Presidents Parmesan Knife” being handed to Gillian Conlon, who led the Carnival committee so well during the last two years.


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