North Sea Lions Board meeting

nslWhile this newsletter arrived in your inbox, your NSL officer is on his way to the board meeting that takes place this year in Delft, in the Netherlands.

We will receive updates about the two projects we approved last year:

  1. Refurbishing the Orphanage in Lapiai/Lithuania, submitted by LC Nienburg (DL)
  2. Installing of a solar power field in Kigoma in Tanzania, submitted by 106C (DK)

This year we have two very worthwhile projects submitted:

  1. Construction of 6 classrooms, furniture and schoolbooks at a secondary school in Blantyre District, Malawi. Submitted by LC Hoensbroek-Brunssum, (NL)
  2. Nepal. Reconstruction of destroyed homes, improvement of infrastructure and much more, submitted by LC Kaltenkirchen (DL)

A full report of the meeting will be added as a special supplement to the next newsletter. As your representative I would like to thank you for your financial support and especially the welcome I enjoyed this year (my first) at the clubs I visited. It is a real pleasure to meet Lions clubs up and down the district, not only to tell them what NSL does, but to hear what they are up to. I count on your support this year again and if you have not yet heard the NSL story, please make contact and I will be glad to visit your club.


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