The citizens of Kenilworth are celebrating the 750th anniversary of the Siege of Kenilworth Castle this year, with a series of events over the second half of 2016. On the Saturday of the August Bank Holiday weekend, a major town event was held in the historic Abbey Fields. Kenilworth Lions decided to take part , and in customary style threw themselves into the spirit of the event in wholehearted fashion!

Here is the account from one of the participants, Club 1st Vice President Kerry Kirwan, describing how the day unfolded. Apologies to readers who don’t fully understand the Olde English prose – translations can be provided by Kenilworth Lions if required! 

Tales From Ye Olde Siege Event of 2016

And lo, it did come to pass that on the twenty seventh day of the 8 month in the year of Our Lord two thousand and sixteen, the good men and ladies from Kenilworth Lions Clan did pick up the gauntlet thrown to them by the town conclave and brought forth a stall of great merriment and mirth to the pasture of the Abbey.

With the incredulous threat of being overshadowed by the folks from the lands of Arthurian Lecterns and the Vertiginious clans (that’s Round Table and Rotary in modern terms…), they did construct a scaffold where upon they placed the heads of five despicable traitors and encouraged the good townsfolk to smite them down with limbs severed from the same unfortunates.

‘’Twas a great sight as the masses declared this frivolity far superior to any other poor wretches who had aspired to provide such tomfoolery. Forsooth, it was free (which helped quite frankly) and the little townspeople did get a lucky (or sometimes unlucky…) dip in the pail of goodies that also contained the severed fingers of scoundrels.

Ably assisted by beverages from the local tavern and sustenance from the resident swine merchant, the good Lions of Kenilworth did have a very good time and, despite great rumblings from the sky, did bring honour to tradition of the Clan. As you can see from the coloured etchings below, Friar Trewick and Deep Friar Corbett were particularly enthusiastic, but the suggestions that they simply enjoyed dirty habits were perhaps uncalled for. Probably true, but uncalled for.

Hey Nonny Nonny!

Although the costs of providing the festivities did go over the afforded budget (165 groats rather than 100), a charitable pail did return 21 groats and to secure the clan’s legend in the annals of town history was deemed acceptable.

And so the good townsfolk would like to thank all members of the Lions Clan of Kenilworth for their efforts and look forward to seeing what they deliver in 750 years time.

Ye End…


Lions Malcolm Corbett & Malcolm Trewick
Severed heads and flying limbs!
members of the public have a go




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