Please Help Lions’ Celebrate 100 years of Service by Recycling Used Spectacles

You can recycle your unwanted spectacles when you have your hair fixed

At an International Lions Convention in 1925, Helen Keller, who was herself both deaf and blind, challenged the Lions to work towards the alleviation of preventable blindness. The members of Malvern Hills Lions Club are endeavouring to continue to meet that challenge.

Malvern Hills Lions Club is asking people to donate any spectacles which they no longer wear to be recycled to help eye care in developing countries. In the lead up to World Sight Day on 13 October the club will be making an extra effort to collect used prescription glasses, and non-prescription sunglasses, as part of the Lions unique recycling programme. They will be cleaned, categorised by prescription and prepared for distribution in developing countries where eye care is often unavailable or inaccessible.

The Malvern Hills Club is currently collecting and recycling over 500 pairs of spectacles a month and to date has collected a staggering 70,000 pairs of spectacles for this very worthwhile project. As this is the year in which Lions Clubs International celebrate their first 100 years of service to the community, Lion President Dave Jeavons hopes that the club can achieve the milestone of 100,000 pairs of spectacles being recycled by Malvern Hills Lions Club.

In addition scrap material from broken spectacles is sold and provides funds to support eye related projects throughout the world. Lions Clubs fund eye camps in remote villages with people attending who often have to travel for anything up to 7 hours to get there. All eye care is provided by local doctors who have been trained by surgeons from Europe, and who provide their services free of charge to ensure the most advanced treatment is available. If the eye operation is successful, the patient is provided with a pair of corrective glasses fitted with lenses from the scheme which gives them the opportunity to either continue their education or to return to work as the family breadwinner.

Roger Orgill for the Malvern Hills Lions Club said:

Nothing from the used spectacles collected goes to waste, and the service really helps people who previously had no eye care whatsoever; and our club thanks all of the businesses who help us and especially people in the town who pass on their unwanted specs – they can be assured they will make a difference to many peoples’ lives”.

Collection Points are located in pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries, opticians, and care homes in the Malvern Hills area, and can be found as follows:-

Evans Chemist, Worcester Road, Malvern Link.

Murrays Healthcare, Worcester Road, Malvern Link.

Malvern Pharmacy Group, Maple Road, Malvern Link.

Studio K , Richmond Road, Malvern Link.

Murrays Healthcare (Prospect View) Pickersleigh Road, Malvern.

Lygon Pharmacy, Worcester Road, Link Top, Malvern.

The Village Pharmacy, Colwall.

Claremont House Pharmacy, Church Street, Malvern.

Murrays Healthcare, Church Street, Malvern.

Barnards Green Opticians, Barnards Green Road, Malvern.

John and Diane Miller Opticians, 27 High Street, Ledbury.

Upton Eyecare, Old Street, Upton-upon-Severn.

Value Vision, Church Walk, Malvern.

John and Diane Miller, Opticians, 38, Church Street, Malvern.

Waller and Waller, Edith Walk, Malvern.

Tromans Family Eyecare, Worcester Road, Malvern Link.

Whiteacres Medical Centre, Maple Road, Malvern Link.

Malvern Health Centre Surgery, Prospect View, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern.

Link End Surgery, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern Link.

St. Saviours Surgery, Merick Road, Malvern Link.

Upton Surgery, Tunnel Hill, Upton-upon-Severn.

New Court Surgery,( Prospect View), Pickersleigh Road, Malvern.

Storer Court, Geraldine Road, Malvern.

Clarence Park Village, Worcester Road, Malvern Link.

A reminder that Lions care about very penny that they collect and ensure that every penny counts. Every penny collected going to good causes. Not one penny is spent on administration.


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