Shirley LC and the “Dena” Run

Dena becoming a Shirley Lions Friend

Lions International is a service club and what does that mean? What kind of service? We give service to our community. That seems to have translated in a lot of cases of raising money and handing it out to deserving causes. But that is not always service. Collecting money outside a supermarket is not giving service. Organising a duck race, carnival, funrun is a situation were fund raising and giving service work excellent hand in hand. But pure service is collecting spectacles, handing out Message in a Bottle, organising Prostate and diabetes tests, litter picks and the like. At Shirley Lions we do also something else. For a couple of years most of our members are taking part in a rota that takes once a week a local lady, Dena, who has learning disability, to an evening club in the area. I find it one of the best things I do during the year. As most of the club takes part, your turn only comes up about 3-4 times/year, so the investment in time is very small, but the pleasure it creates for Dena is large. Her mother has a few hours rest and that is also important. I felt that it was time Dena should be more part of Shirley Lions, so I made her our friend. She has now our special club pin and I asked her mother to see if she can wear it when one of our members comes to collect her. Our motto is “I Serve”. If I ever feel that, I feel it on the Dena run.


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