Worcester Lions Club Pack Christmas Shoe Boxes.

Once again the members of Worcester Lions Club spent their meeting time packing around 60 Christmas Shoe Boxes for children. Each box contains numerous items which include amongst other things a Christmas card, a bag of toiletries, pencils and pencil case, drawing book and paper, knitted hat and gloves, a toy and cuddly toy, sweets, skipping rope if the box is for a girl or a ball if the box is for boy.
Where the Christmas Shoe Boxes will end up is not known at this moment in time. What is certain is that it will be with a child some were in the world that will not be receiving another Christmas presents this year and in some cases, will be the only Christmas present the child will ever receive during it’s life time.
The joy shown on the face of children receiving the gift has been reported back as being amazing. So much so that one child, looked through the box of items that they had received, took one item out and gave the box back not believing that they were all for them.
The community room at Worcester’s new Waitrose store had been booked to carry out the packing but due to a double booking the store cordoned off part of the cafe area for the packing. The Club members would like to thank the staff and management of the store for their help and co-operation.
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