Rugby Rokeby LC 2016 Quiz to test your patience and stamina.

1 Article by Labour’s Andy about Tory Tracey Entries £1


Prize £25


All entries to be received either by e-mail or post by Tuesday 10th January


Entries to be sent to


Lion Chris Malthouse

66 South Road,

Clifton- Upon Dunsmore,

Rugby, Warwickshire,








2 Caught around the start
3 Duck fluff with father’s magic.
4 Definitely reptile
5 Sounds like a festivity involving sword protection
6 Favourite royal potato dish
7 Italian Capital surrounded by King Charles
8 The Cockney cook is better we hear
9 Prohibit loud noises
10 Take a muddled view and visit Calvin Klein)
11 In the West Midlands, even cats accents are discovered to be broad
12 Masses of cinders are emphasised.
13 Gromit instructs his mate to look
14 Fund fur coats with little alteration
15 Sounds like jeans could be made here
16 Festive plant reaching across the river
17 Wizard’s wand
18 Allen is ill )
19 Imitation of Guevara gets in a mess.
20 Right Royal row   – dins and mayhem
21 Bowl, not lob with reverse swing.
22 Get an order but not a shower .
23 Equitable for Little Dorrit ,
24 Sounds like you sang out of tune.
25 The centres town of England.
26 The bank that’s pleasant to wander along
27 Beautiful hills in which to come to terms with a bereavement. ( 3 words)
28 The value of a job
29 Is there a pool of petrol after the Rugby posts
30 Note -increased crowds jostling!
31 Dispatches a heavyweight.
32 Random chanting is prohibited in the extreme South East of England
33 Naturally a meadow is allowed to grow.
34 Mary got in a mess
35 Vietnam war leader
36 How much is that doggy in the window?
37 It is in Perth!
38 A spice girl or two got up
39 Somewhere a tout may exert themselves in contortions
40 Various grasses – a cut and dried case
41 This is dire, men have gone mad!
42 Try fracking – real gas can be found.
43 Doctor confused the male sheep ….
44 …..and its covering is missing from the wardrobe an the lion
45 The fast bowler’s method gives the answer….
46 ….and part of the ball gets wrecked and put to earth.
47 Sounds like a cynical smile.
48 Range of mountains forming the spine in the North and North East?
49 What a con – glee at a massacre.
50 Carriage famous in Oklahoma



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