“Be a Hero”

The Enterprise Club will taking part in the Coventry Walkathon again this year to raise funds to support there transport services

They will also be entering the Mascots Race, trying to beat a “Guinness World Record”.

2018 is the Enterprise Club’s 80th Anniversary year. They are planning a number of celebrations and fundraising events. They are using the hashtag ‘Be a Hero’ for that year so we intend to have two representatives dressed as Superheroes on 14th May to publicise their anniversary.

The charity provides social and leisure time activities for people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities in the age range 18- 90 +. The club is open 4 days and five evenings every week and offers a variety of activities: a Day Centre, Handicraft Group, Social Evenings, A twice weekly Sports Group, lunch and theatre excursions. The charity provides an accessible transport service to enable its disabled members to access the activities at the club premises and in the wider community. Sports Group members participate in sports events all over the country. The majority of their members would be unable to attend if transport was not available to them. The charity receives no statutory funding and has to raise the £90,00 required to keep the premises, vehicles and activities operating for one year. A year-long fund raising campaign is organised to include, Charity Bag Packs and Collections, raffles, a Christmas Bazaar, Summer Fair etc. We do have to accept that we would not reach our annual target without external support: grants, bequests and donations. We are taking part in the Walkathon again this year to raise funds to support our Transport Service. They are extremely grateful to Coventry Leofric Lions Club member Ken Brown who is one of our regular volunteer drivers. They are constantly appealing for new drivers, as we are always short of volunteer. They also greatly appreciate the support received from Linda Ireland who has been assisting with our group for young adults for a number of years and also helps with their Charity Bag Packs. The charity is proud to be celebrating its 80th Anniversary during 2018, particularly as so many other groups have had to close or limit their activities due to lack of funds. Their members work very hard and enthusiastically support all of our fund raising events.

So please come and join us at this years Coventry Walkathon on the 14 May at the War Memorial Park.


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