A Message from Council Chairman Heather following Multiple District 105 Convention 2017

My Fellow Lions,

Thank you to everyone who came to our Multiple District Convention 2017 in Blackpool on 22 and 23 April 2017.

Our MD Convention Officer Paul, the Convention Committee and our MDHQ staff delivered a weekend of friendship and a wonderful party for our Banquet and Ball celebrating our Centennial with a night to remember in the company of our International President and our Lion friends from Europe and from all around our Multiple District. We said a fond and noisy farewell to Ireland and we enjoyed a weekend of catching up with friends old and new.

We elected our candidate for International Director for 2018-2020, and many congratulations and the full support of MD105 go to PCC Geoff Leeder, who is our elected candidate.

All debates were conducted in an excellent and courteous manner, and everyone approached the many serious and far reaching decisions with respect for the views of others.

There was a very high number of delegates attending and voting, and of other members attending to hear the debate and support their delegates. Everyone who wished to speak from the floor was heard, and was treated with respect for their views while expressing differing opinions with passion and conviction. International President Bob listened to the debates and commented that he was very impressed with the standard of the contributions from the speakers on all subjects and with the positive atmosphere of mutual respect for the views of others which was evident from everyone.

The decision was taken by a very clear majority of the delegates to Redistrict MD 105 from the 12 current districts which will be left when Ireland leaves us to 8 new districts with effect from 1st July 2019. The count of the secret ballot was witnessed by representatives from Districts 105 BS, C, D, M, NE and SW and supervised by PID Phil from District 105 EA and by the MD CNRO, with an observer from District 105E, and the decision was clear and decisive under our MD and International Constitutions.

We must now all move forwards together to make that change from the current districts to the new districts happen with a constructive and “can do” attitude of everyone working together, – whatever their personal views have been – to create a strong and attractive framework for our present and future members to deliver their service. Redistricting will not change the way in which members operate within their clubs and it will not change friendships with Lions throughout our association, – what it will do is to give an opportunity to modernise the way in which we operate, to fully embrace new technology and to embrace new ways of communicating and organising which reflect the changes in the way in which our members and our future members live their lives.

The decision of the MD105 Convention of 2017 to Redistrict to 8 new districts from 1st July 2019 will now be put to the International Board at their meeting in October 2017, and a detailed submission will be made identifying the new districts and the changes in structure as agreed in Resolution 14 as passed by Convention. The ethos of us all to “build up and not destroy” is embodied in the proposal for Redistricting as adopted by Convention, as across the MD as a whole we will build a stronger and more vibrant structure to take us forwards into the next 100 years of service. The changes adopted in agreeing to Redistrict are positive and exciting and they give a firm and modern platform for the future.

Best wishes to everyone, and many thanks to Convention 2017 for your positive and constructive decisions.


Heather Jeavons

Chairman of the Council of Governors 2016/17, MD 105 British Isles and Ireland

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