Shirley Lions special business meeting

The phrase “If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed then Mohammed must go to the mountain” was never more apt recently for Shirley Lions. Past Chairman of Council Lion Mike Cooke and Past District Governor Lion Mavis Cooke are not enjoying the best of health and consequently find it difficult to get to Club meetings. As Club Secretary Lion Mike had also been finding it difficult to carry out this role from afar and he decided that this would be his last year as Club Secretary and the recent June meeting would be his last in this role.

As Mike and Mavis could not get to the meeting the club moved lock, stock and barrel to Ravenshaw Court and the meeting was held in the communal dining room. The occasion was marked by the attendance of DG Lion Ron Cross and the other three PDGs from District M who have gone on to become Chair of Council, Lions Andy Pemberton, Simon Moss and Heather Jeavons.  All three gave eloquent speeches on the theme of how Mike had inspired them to seek this prestigious office and Mike responded with all his usual humour and confirmed that even after 48 years as a Lion we would not be losing him and it has been agreed that a number of the Club Committees will continue to hold their committee meetings at their residence to keep them involved. Just a question, which other Zone can boast 3 PCC’s? Zone C in 105M can!

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